JPO’s Fee Reduction Program Available

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) offers a fee reduction program for examination fees and issue fees for patent applications. A variety of entities can apply to the program.

Thanks to this program, our clients have received great benefit of US$1021.00 per case in average for the past three years. Don’t forget to have your Japanese associates or representatives to file a petition for participating the program if you or your clients meet requirements.

Eligible applicants include:

  • Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs);
  • Corporation tax exempt SMEs;
  • Research-and-Development-oriented SMEs;
  • Micro Enterprises;
  • Small & Medium Venture Enterprises;
  • University researchers;
  • Universities;
  • Colleges of technology;
  • TLO;
  • Municipal tax exempt individuals;
  • Income tax exempt individuals;
  • Enterprise tax exempt individuals; and more.

For more information, especially details of the requirements, click the link below to get a leaflet provided by the JPO.